Sunday, May 21, 2017

A weekend trip down to Baja Mexico

Some time ago Grammy offered us a week in Mexico at their time share. We never used it. The girls kept giving me a hard time and said let's use that bad boy so we got it on the books and to Mexico we went. We were greeted with complimentary Margareta's... so let the festivities begin. 

We decided for 3 days all inclusive so tonight we decided to go into town and see the sights, look for Sammy and drink some Tequila.




Day 1

Monday we started out with breakfast and mimosas and then time to hang by the pool. It was all Pina Coladas and sunshine.

After a few too many cocktails we net "feather boy".

time for a Mexican Fiesta... 
"two shoes, a straw... and what's over there"


Day 2

10:30... under water basket weaving with Ramon... otherwise known as bracelet making.

 Please meet "Noodle boy and Auntie"
don't for get activity director Itzel

Erin says "Time for 1:30 tequila volleyball!

Day 3

We welcomed back "Snooki" and pre partied before the Beach Party... like all day pre party!


After the girls left Thursday it was time for me to get some work done : 0 before I started I snapped a few photos of this beautiful place Dad and Sue let us use! This beautiful 2 bedroom 3 bath townhouse one the ocean. It was simply amazing!

While watching the Mantas jump I spent time finishing my book and having some quit time.

This guy came to visit Saturday morning before I left.

 The entire time we were there we watched people fish and never saw one fish caught. Once the girls left they were catching them left and right. This couple reeled in a Manta. I don't even think they took it, I think they just buried it in the sand. : (

Leave it to me to not be able to find Sammy anywhere but I did catch a glimpse of him in the airport...
Until next time Mexico!